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The Recicladora Urbana is a company specializing in sustainable management of Logistics and Reverse Manufacturing Electronic Equipment in disuse of Information Technology and Telecommunications, generated by manufacturers, users and other institutions to adopt the best practices of sustainability.

OUR SERVICES AND SERVICE ENVIRONMENTAL LEGISLATION We perform reverse logistics (collection and transport), and inventory control, segregation, mischaracterization, data sanitization and properties (in accordance with international standardNIST 800-88), reverse manufacturing and environmentally correct disposal of materials after processing of electronic equipment, from the Contractor 's operations , and certification of these services with the issue of Triple Guarantee Certificate.With this certificate certify compliance to our customers of our services and the best internationally accepted environmental practices . We guarantee Disqualification data and properties, Correct disposal for all materials and components after reverse manufacturing and social contribution through our partnership with CDI. We issued our customers the Environmental Impact Report, attesting to the transparency in the disclosure of the Social and Environmental Impact results and the results of our company and the share of each client, tools for their sustainability reports.

ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS AND TECHNICAL LEGISLATION Attest to our customers compliance with the determinations of PNRS - National Policy on Solid Waste ( and follow the Technical Standards ABNT NBR 16.156, which regulates activities related to reverse manufacturing and environmentally sound disposal of WEEE - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, requirements for environmental protection, control of security risks and health. 

TECHNOLOGY: We have Symantec's protection for information security of our customers. We partner with LASSU (Sustainability Laboratory of the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo - USP), the development of technologies and solutions and the CEDIR - Disposal Center and Reuse of Information Technology Waste / USP-SP.

CERTIFICATES: To access our certification of environmental agencies: IBAMA (Federal), CETESB (State), License Fire Department (Municipal), Permit Operation (Municipal) and System B, click here.

The Recode - Center for Digital Inclusion and Recycler Urban maintains a formal partnership to enable electronic equipment donations from individuals and corporations, contributing not only to compliance with environmental legislation in the environmentally correct disposal, but mainly in the care of social inclusion projects and empowerment digital seeking to form autonomous individuals, aware and connected, able to reprogram the system to which they belong, through the use of technology.The Recode has operations in Brazil and in 14 countries, and has already impacted more than 1.64 million lives in 842 areas of digital empowerment.

We are a company certified in B System, attesting high standards of transparency and social and environmental responsibility. In 2015, we received the Best Award for the World - from more than 1,600 companies present in 47 countries.To learn more, visit here. ( #Bthechange

We are members of EMF participating in the goals of accelerating the transition to Circular Economy.We participate in the CE100 Brazil program (the international program format), which features a number of support tools, models and activities to help organizations at every stage of their journey to circular economy. The EMF ensures constant interaction between the Brazilian and international program through ambassadors organizations, visitors CE100 organizations that operating in Brazil.Part of this transformation and a new economy: Learn more by visiting the website here (

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